Create Your Custom 3D Shape Pillow in New York

Recent Work

Some Custom Pillow Shape Themes
we’ve made in the past few months.

Event Request

We had a Boat Company that wanted to offer a gift to attendees at a boat show  where they were showcasing their newest boat added to their line.

We made our smallest Pillow in the shape of their boat that was sent out as the invitation and unbeknownst to the those attendees, they were handed a gift after they viewed the boat before leaving. It was a 24” Pillow Size of that Boat with a signed Thank You from the Management on the back side.

We also offered them a Signature Pillow at 60” for people to sign when they boarded but they opted not to use that.

Now you can have your Custom Pillow Shape of a theme, an item or your logo design in all its colors on both sides of the pillow or just text on the back.

The Possibilities are endless and only left to your imagination of how you decide it all should look like. On top of that it can be made in any one of 10 Sizes so you can have the smallest size of 8” to a size of 70” and eight other sizes in between.

School Fundraiser

A school in the Midwest requested a Pillow Shape of their Mascot to use as a fundraiser for the school term. They opted for a 16” size and in one instance went door to door collecting money. Some homeowners loved the idea and stated it was better than receiving the same old thing all the time.

They again used it at various sporting events and it became a hit where they decided to use the smaller size as a give away on their sporting road trips.

New Product Introduction

A cosmetic company offered a custom pillow shape of one of their new cosmetics as a Gift with Purchase. Surprisingly, many women thought this was such a cute idea that they purchased more items just to receive the Pillow Shape.


A car company placed a big order so they could place in the car custom shaped pillows of their car styles with their logo as a thank you for purchasing the car. They stated that children like holding on to something when they sit in the back seat and this was different than just a blanket. It was creative.

Employee Recognition

A hospital used our Custom Pillow Shape for their logo and gave them to all their nursing staff for their “ Caring is Sharing “ event. The supervisors felt this was a great item where the patients would also appreciate it and we are working with them on another project.

Room Amenity

A Boutique Hotel Chain added our Custom Pillow Shape to be one of their Room Amenities for Purchase. The shape was their Iconic building with their logo. It was on the bed when they checked in with a note stating “ This can be yours to take home with you “ on a Card with a Price Tag Attached. They were astonished at how many people took it home, while others requested if the Gift Shop carried more for purchase.

Cruise Line

We are in the process of working with one of our distributors whose client is a major Cruise Line Brand. They loved the initial sample made for them and are seeing if this Custom Pillow Shape would be viable in each Guest Room testing it on one Ship. We will keep you posted.

Home Furnishing Chain

A Furniture Chain has purchased many Custom Pillow Shapes of their Logo that they placed on many Chairs and Couches in their Stores. Since their logo is in the shape of a Chair & Couch – many customers liked it so much they asked if they can have it with their purchase.

Camp Bunkmates

A Camp took photos of all the bunkmates in each respective bunk and made Custom Pillow Shapes of them respectively. The loved the whole concept as each camper received one. In the past years they had used photo blankets but that concept got stale.

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Create Your Custom 3D Shape Pillow in New York